We be Proof Positive's founders! She be our intern.

Our founders and our intern.

Proof Positive is a family-owned company located in western central New Jersey. Our staff has a combined thirty years of experience in the New York and Philadelphia regions, a great attitude, and a sense of humor. We’re not afraid to work hard or laugh hard. Or pose for ridiculous pirate photos.

Our services:

Editing: Are you tripping over typos? Still not sure where that apostrophe goes? Got the Great American Novel sitting on your hard drive, begging to be shared with the world? Let us help. We can:

  • Provide content editing and/or line editing of novels and non-fiction books
  • Proofread your copy for grammar and punctuation
  • Copyedit for flow, sense, and consistency
  • Edit to adhere to a specific style guide
  • Help write marketing text, press releases, emails, blog posts, and reports

Websites: We create uncluttered, attractive, and intuitive sites which present your company and your brand in the most positive light. We’ll get you up on the Internet so your customers can find you when they’re ready to buy. Aspiring author marketing your own work? We’ll put together a clean, simple site so your readers can find you and and your book easily. You can update your own WordPress site or we can take care of the technical details for you.

Print: Even in the digital age, there’s something satisfying about flipping through a glossy four-color brochure. Your prospects need takeaways to pass around back at the office, and advertising is still the key to promoting your business. We’ll craft a look which is easy to read without sacrificing key information. If you’re publishing your own book, we can lay it out for you and help you get it printed, commercially or on-demand.

What can we do for you today?