Holiday Puns

Takeout Food Thursday inevitably fell on (or near) a holiday, so I took advantage and crafted some takeout food puns which reflected whatever we were celebrating. Going through the calendar:

  • Be My Valentekka (Valentine’s Day)
  • In Like a Lentil, Out Like a Falambfel (March)
  • In Like A Lion, Out Like a Lamb Korma (March)
  • In Like a Vindaloo, Out Like a Naan (March)
    (okay, I used that one a lot, but I was there for several years, and therefore several March 1s.)
  • Take Pakora To Work Day (Take Your Daughter to Work Day, the fourth Thursday in April)
    (and yes, it was originally Daughter, not Child, because the entire point was to show girls what they could accomplish)
  • Sinko de Myo (Cinco de Mayo)
  • L’Shana Thai Food (Rosh Hashanah)
  • L’Shana Tikka (Rosh Hashanah)
  • Babaganoushing for Apples (Halloween)
  • I Vant to Saag Your Bhuna (Halloween)
  • Kebabing for Apples (Halloween)
  • El Dia de los Makis (El Dia de los Muert0s, November 2)
  • Good King Wensleydale (Christmas)

Of course, if you cite a Christmas carol, you must do the entire parody:

Good King Wensleydale looked out
Upon the table pleasin’
When the lunch came round about
He was all mac-and-cheesin’.
Tangy was the gorgonzol’
Though the brie was creamy
Parmigiana’s nice and sharp
Who’s in for lunchin’ with me?

  • I Saw Mommy Tikka Santa Claus (Christmas)

That got an entire song too:

I saw Mommy Tikka Santa Claus
Underneath the tandoori last night
I had a sneaking hunch
There was Indian for lunch
So I went to the kitchen
and I heard pakora crunch
Then I saw Mommy wipe masala sauce
off his polyester beard so white
Oh, how she would have spanked my butt
If I had gotten caught
Watching Santa curry on last night!

I also threw one in for summer camp:

Hello Mozza, Hello Feta

Hello Mozza, Hello Feta
Greetings from Camp Mac ’n’ Chedda!
The food’s tasty, and it’s filling
Who’s in for lunch with me if they are willing?
(with apologies to Alan Sherman. And to everyone else for getting “Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda” stuck in your head for the next hour.)