If you want to publish a book, distribute a brochure, or hand out a report, paper beats rock, scissors, texts, and coal on the back of a shovel.

The High Kingdom Returns, Ken Fink

The High Kingdom Returns: A Fat Man’s Holiday is the answer to the question, “What would happen if The Hobbit dealt realistically with bathroom breaks, chair-bound scholars, and crazy demons, but in our world?”

Book Layout

We can lay out your book so it’s clean and professional.


Brochures can advertise a conference, a product, or a trip to an exotic destination.

Conference Agendas

Whether it's full-size or fits in your pocket, we've got you covered.

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are quick, consolidated sources of information which can easily be handed out to clients, vendors, and prospects.


We’ve handled breezy neighborhood missives for snowbirds and regionalized messages from financial advisors. There’s still a place for printed news, even in the digital world.


Financial reports are periodic updates which discuss how a particular fund is performing. They can include photographic highlights and a moderately detailed breakdown of company finances.