The Ryan Doherty Mysteries, Jennifer Moss

“After his partner is killed and girlfriend takes off, Chicago homicide detective Ryan Doherty has one last chance to save his career with the double murder of ad execs Scott and Carly Redding. Ryan quickly learns that life wasn’t so lush at the Reddings’ agency, Town Red Media, where the list of ex-employees runs fifteen pages long. At the top of this list is Catharine Lulling, a former Vice President at Town Red. He becomes obsessed with Catharine from their first meeting. She is charming, intelligent, wealthy, and possesses abilities even he can’t understand. Catharine draws Ryan into her unconventional world where he will risk the case — and his life — to find out if she’s for real, or if she’s the real killer.”

Jennifer Moss’s “para-noir-mal” mystery series showcases a vivid, gritty Chicago and the hardworking people who keep it safe, with appealing characters, a realistic romance, great friendships, and a few dashes of magic. We’ve edited all the Ryan Doherty stories over the last five years.