Punday Monday: All You Need Is Lunch

Time for another selection of dreadful takeout food puns!

The Beatles are so well-known that it’s easy to pun off their songs, plus there’s never a bad time to celebrate the musical genius of John and Paul. And I figured if I was going to reference a song, I might as well parody a few lyrics. Weird Al would be proud.

A Hard Dal’s Night (Indian food)

It’s been a hard dal’s night
And I’ve had tikka on my mind
It’s been a hard dal’s night
I should have curry of some kind
But when I sit down to lunch
I get my shorts in a bunch
Because it’s sag I find
You know it’s sag I find

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-dog (Hotdogs)

Desmond is a vendor by the corner bank,
Molly has a little hot dog stand
Desmond says to Molly, “Girl, I like your franks!”
And Molly says this as she makes one on demand:
“Ob-la-di, Ob-la-dog, life goes, on, bunch!
Who’s in for getting dogs for lunch?”

Curry Lane (Indian food)

Curry Lane is in my naan and in my dal
There beneath the sitar twanging, pal,
I sit, and meanwhile back
at Curry Lane there is tandoori in a clay oven
With vindaloo and tikka sitting in a bunch
We like the lamb korma on which to munch
Who is in for lunch?

and later Pinto Lane (Chipotle)

In Pinto Lane the barbacoes another customer
We see burritos sitting waiting for the cheese
And the fajitas too? yes please
It’s Chipotle day, what do you say?

From Miso to Youso (Dumplings)

If there’s any soup that you want
If there’s any dip I can do
Just call Rickshaw and they’ll send it along
With lunch from miso to youso!

All Fajit’ Is Lunch (Mexican food from Typo Tortilla)

There’s nothing you can rizo that can’t be cho
Nothing you can jala that can’t peño
Nowhere you can cheese that isn’t Jack or Monterey
It’s easy!
All Fajit’ is Lunch! (all together now)
All tortillas typo! (everybody)
All Fajit’ is lunch, lunch,
Lunch is all fajit’.