The Wearin’ o’ the Grin, or more PUNishment

Punday Monday means more takeout food puns!

Clichés are great to pun on. Everybody knows them; that’s why they’re clichés. They’re like training wheels for budding punners. And some words are easier to pun on than others, like curry/hurry, naan/non, and Thai/tie.


Mexican food:

  • The Wearin’ O’ the Grease
  • A Chip Off the Ol’ Taco


  • A Friend In Carnitas Is a Friend Inditas
  • Better Chipotlate Than Never (I must have come in late that day)
  • The Chipotle Calling the Chikettle Black


  • A Shish Is as Good as a Gyro
  • If You Can’t Stand the Pita, Get Outta the Kebab
  • The Pita Principle
  • Twist of Feta

Mac & Cheese:

  • C’est la Brie
  • Doing More Parm Than Gouda

Indian food:

  • Curry Up and Wait
  • Currying Coals to Newcastle
  • Currying the Torch
  • Dressed to the Naans
  • Got a Makhni On My Back
  • Hummus Where the Heart Is
  • Mutton Jeff  (this one was a bit subtle: You can get lamb, or mutton, at the Indian place, and then people had to know what Mutt and Jeff was.)
  • Naan of the Above
  • Naan Sequitur
  • Naanchalance
  • The Naaninterference Principle
  • On Bended Mahknee
  • Paneer and Yet Pafaar
  • Samosa ol’ thing
  • The Tikka Shall Inherit the Earth
  • Thursday’s Child Is Full of Curry (I was certainly not above reusing puns for different restaurants if I could get away with it)

Thai food:

  • Don’t Thai Over Spilled Milk
  • Fit to Be Thaied
  • If at First You Don’t Succeed, Thai, Thai Again
  • Just in the Nick of Thaime
  • Let Sleeping Pads Thai
  • Once Sate, Twice Thai
  • Thai One On


  • Down in the Dumplings
  • Raining Cats and Dumplings


  • Every Hotdog has Its Day
  • Like Cats and Hotdogs
  • Teaching a Hotdog New Tricks

Japanese food:

  • Misofar, Misogood
  • Soy Vey
  • Tempura Fugit